Gone With The Wind Book

2011–The 75th Anniversary of GWTW, the book, based in part on writings from the Mitchell family scrapbook, shown above.

Help Honor Robert Warren– A man who loved GWTW

For those of you who did not get the pleasure of meeting Robert Warren let me explain who he was. Robert volunteered his time at the Margaret Mitchell House and he loved Gone With The Wind. He came to GWTW events and wore his trademark GWTW clothes. The thing I loved about Robert Warren is that he was always so full of life and enthusiastic. I don’t remember seeing him without a smile on his face.

When we had the “Gateway To the Wind” event in St. Louis two years ago I must have spoken to him on the phone five times or more because he really wanted to come but circumstances beyond his control prohibited him from coming.  Unfortunately he died shortly after the event, but at least I was glad I talked to him and that he sent me a wonderful note I will always keep.

Robert Warren was one of the first “Windies” I met after I wrote my book “The Making Of A Masterpiece, The True Story of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind.” I came to find out he was one of the most popular of all the supporters of GWTW.

There is an effort underway to build a tribute garden with bench for Robert and I hope that all of you who have the means to contribute will do so. Here is a note I received from Jan Lingner who is spearheading the  project with words from Mickey Kuhn and Patrick Curtis:

Good Morning and Happy Monday!
This weekend Patrick contacted me to let me know that he and Mickey wanted to voice their support of the Robert Warren Memorial Garden.  Below is the message they composed and asked that I pass along to you.
Many, many thanks for your consideration and support!!!!
Wishing you and yours bountiful blessings!!


As we hope you know, the ever tireless Jan Lingner has spearheaded a fitting memorial to Robert at, The Margaret Mitchell House to be dedicated over the Memorial Day Weekend. A beautiful bench and garden area will forever allow us to remember Robert in a picturesque setting, ever surrounded by his friends, old an new.

This is an urgent plea to all of us who love GWTW and hold Robert in a special place in our hearts. There never was a gentler, kinder man than Robert, and now we need your help. Jan can’t do all the heavy lifting when it comes to raising the $5,000.00 needed to make this all come true. It’s our turn to step up and support her in this great cause. 

Please join us by contributing whatever you can, and by your generosity, you will make this dream come true. Jan has set up a tax exempt 501(c)(3) Foundation, to facilitate your offering. Please have your contribution in by May 1st.

Send your contribution to:

Jan G. Lingner, RE: Robert Warren Memorial Fund

PO Box 1892 

Roswell , GA 30077



We both hope to see you all in Marietta , and at the dedication to Robert in Atlanta . If you can’t be there, please be with us in spirit by helping make this legacy a reality.



Your, “Son’s of the South”

Mickey Kuhn & Patrick Curtis

(Beau Wilkes)     (Baby Beau)



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