Gone With The Wind Book

2011–The 75th Anniversary of GWTW, the book, based in part on writings from the Mitchell family scrapbook, shown above.

A Visit with Paul Rabwin about GWTW and other things

Warner Brothers sent out a press release today (Sept. 8, 2014) saying their 75th Anniversary Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Gone With the Wind arrives September 30; that there are limited and numbered, with new … Continue reading

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New book about Gone With the Wind focusses on Mammy, but what version?

By Sally Tippett Rains, GWTWBook.com Some fans of Gone With the Wind have questions about a new book coming out this fall, about about Scarlett O’Hara’s famous “Mammy”—and rightly so. Announcement … Continue reading

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The Strange Outcomes Of Some In “Gone With The Wind”

This week in history, George Cukor, the original Director for Gone With The Wind died on January 24, 1983 at the age of 84. He remained best friends with David … Continue reading

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Letters Show “Gone With The Wind’s” Margaret Mitchell Was Pen Pals With Hattie McDaniel

C.B. Hackworth, who was the co-writer and director of Andrew Young’s new documentary “Change In The Wind” got a chance to tell about the research involved in the project through … Continue reading

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“Gone With The Wind” Fans Gathered In St. Louis For Gateway To The Wind

  People from New York, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, California and many other states came to St. Louis, Missouri for the Gateway To The Wind event held  Nov. 5-7. Many … Continue reading

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Margaret Mitchell Did Not Want To Work on David O. Selznick’s Hollywood Production of Gone With The WInd…She Sent Her Friend, Susan Myrick Instead. Susan Myrick’s Niece To Appear At Gateway To The Wind

Margaret Mitchell’s novel, Gone With The Wind was becoming a huge hit when it came out in 1936. The author immediately signed the movie rights to Selznick International Studios and … Continue reading

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Ann Rutherford: “Cammie King Was A Great Friend Of Mine”

With the recent death of Gone With The Wind fans beloved Cammie King, who played Bonnie Blue Butler there have been many news reports about it. Most of them say … Continue reading

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Gone With The Wind Producer, David Selznick’s Executive Assistant, Marcella Rabwin was “Friend To The Stars;” Her husband Marcus was Surgeon To The Stars

Gone With The Wind producer David O. Selznick was a workaholic and involved in every aspect of the movie he was producing. He wanted it to be perfect, so instead … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Wedding for GWTW Author Margaret Mitchell and GWTW Actor Thomas Mitchell Is Related To Political Candidate Ed Martin Of Missouri

My son Mike works for a catering company and he had a wedding to cater on Fourth of July.  “Who gets married on Fourth of July?” he said, and I … Continue reading

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New TV Show “Happy Town” on ABC Has Gone With The Wind Connection

Wednesday nights when Happy Town runs on ABC, (9 p.m. Central) Gone With The Wind fans will know that it has a connection to their favorite movie.  The Co-producer of … Continue reading

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