Gone With The Wind Book

2011–The 75th Anniversary of GWTW, the book, based in part on writings from the Mitchell family scrapbook, shown above.

Letters Show “Gone With The Wind’s” Margaret Mitchell Was Pen Pals With Hattie McDaniel

C.B. Hackworth, who was the co-writer and director of Andrew Young’s new documentary “Change In The Wind” got a chance to tell about the research involved in the project through … Continue reading

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“Gone With The Wind” author, Margaret Mitchell’s Relatives Were Good Cooks

Margaret Mitchell’s cousin is a leading expert on the culinary arts.  Mitchell wrote her one book, Gone With The Wind, putting years of work into her masterpiece. Today Marie Nygren,  … Continue reading

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The Holiday Season Has Begun… Christmas Memories From “Gone With The Wind”…And How You Can Make Some Great Memories Yourself This Year

    “The week passed swiftly, like a dream, a dream fragrant with the smell of pine boughs and Christmas trees, bright with little candles and home-made tinsel, a dream … Continue reading

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The Importance of Napping, Getting Your Proper Rest, So Your Day Won’t Be “Gone With The Wind”

There is an article on Yahoo today about Power Naps. This term “Power Nap” has suddenly changed people’s outlook on something that many people have known for years. As a … Continue reading

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Michael Bolton, Like Clark Gable Playing Rhett Butler, Had To Work On His Dancing on “Dancing With The Stars,”– If Only Scarlett O’Hara Had Known Him

Eighty years ago this week, Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell wrote the song “Georgia On My Mind” which is the state song of Georgia. It was written in 1930 and … Continue reading

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Margaret Mitchell, Lindsay Lohan, and Finding Your Strength to “Never Give Up”

According to GWTW But Not Forgotten Facebook blogger Denise Tucker, “today is THE DAY that Selznick International Studios finalized the purchase for the screenrights to Gone With the Wind…for an … Continue reading

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Gone With The Wind Producer, David Selznick’s Executive Assistant, Marcella Rabwin was “Friend To The Stars;” Her husband Marcus was Surgeon To The Stars

Gone With The Wind producer David O. Selznick was a workaholic and involved in every aspect of the movie he was producing. He wanted it to be perfect, so instead … Continue reading

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Facebook is full of “Gone With The Wind” Pages and Speaking of Wind–The Windy City Has A Lot To Offer While On Book Tour To Promote “The Curse: Cubs Win! Cubs Win!…Or Do They?”!

This week my husband author Rob Rains and his co-author, former major league baseball player Andy Van Slyke rolled out their opening publicity for their new book, “The Curse: Cubs … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Wedding for GWTW Author Margaret Mitchell and GWTW Actor Thomas Mitchell Is Related To Political Candidate Ed Martin Of Missouri

My son Mike works for a catering company and he had a wedding to cater on Fourth of July.  “Who gets married on Fourth of July?” he said, and I … Continue reading

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Meet Me In St. Louis For “Gateway To The Wind” Gone With The Wind Festival In November

Remember the movie/musical, Meet Me In St. Louis with Judy Garland, Margaret O’Brien,  Mary Astor, June Lockhart and  the others? The movie came out in 1944 and was about the … Continue reading

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